Jenkins EPO version number is read from latest Git tag with git describe --tags. Use the following listing to tag and upload a new release.

$ ./release 1.90

Release early, release often is the way of Jenkins EPO !

The bot’s story

The bot is a pipeline of extensions registered from jenkins_epo.bot.extensions entry-point. Each extension has a stage property to define its position in the pipeline. Use jenkins-epo list-extensions to see the pipeline, in processing order. The EXTENSIONS settings allow to disable some extensions.

Jenkins EPO invoke bot.run() coroutine to process one Head. The bot creates a context in self.current available in each extension’s method call.

The pipeline is a Final State Machine. The steps begin and process_instruction inspect the Head to define the state of the Head. Then the final run step will apply next action.

First step of bot.run() is calling the ext.begin() method of each extension. This method should encapsulate any of the extension’s variable initialization.

Then, bot.run() executes the ext.process_instruction(instruction) method for each instruction parsed from the GitHub comments by the bot. An extension can comment a PR and even write instruction for itself, usualy in HTML comment. See the MergerExtension for an example. This demonstrates how to maintain a state for an extension on a pull request.

Finnaly, the ext.run() coroutine is yielded. This is where the extension works with the different APIs to apply the next actions on the Head : trigger job, cancel job, report status, merge branch, etc.

ext.begin() and ext.run() can abort the pipeline by raising a special SkipHead exception.

Ideas of improvements

Feel free to contribute :)

  • Aggregate errors comment.
  • Detect branch from commit_comment event.
  • Set custom status context. Create job name with <owner>_<project>_<job>. Context with only <job>.
  • Cancel job on PR close.
  • Skip event on comments not containing jenkins:.
  • Test GraphQL.
  • Add clean-job command to drop jobs undefined in protected branches.
  • Comment old PR with «push a new commit».
  • Switch to full AsyncIO - drop jenkinsapi - drop githubpy - see siesta
  • Test merge commit (pull/XXXX/{head,merge})
  • metrics: build count, total time on Jenkins, cancelled build (how much time saved), etc.
  • Pipeline dashboard
  • Command install-plugins. Install plugins on Jenkins
  • Distinct global/per project settings.
  • Command settings [head] dump settings, jenkins.yml loaded.
  • Keep build forever on Jenkins for build reported in master is broken
  • Manage regular Jenkins notifications (https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Notification+Plugin).
  • i18n: translate documentation, comments, logs
  • Add ansicolor to Jenkins job ?
  • Disable extensions from jenkins.yml.
  • Support “jenkins, skip”, “Jenkins, rebuild.”, “@bot merge”, “jenkins:rebuild”