Developers are impatient customers, but love to dive into problems to solve them. Here are some hint when you are not satisfied by EPO. The big question is:

My PR is not built :(( !!

  1. EPO is a poller

    And thus, can’t react immediatly. Wait a minute or two, depending on the load of your Jenkins.

  2. Is your latest commit older than 4 weeks ?

    By default, EPO discard older branch:

    =9c6e= Skipping head older than 5 weeks.

    Just rebase and you’re done.

  3. Does EPO have Write access to the repository?

    If you find the following message, consider adding write access to your GitHub bot user.

    =d0d0= [ERROR   ] Write access denied to owner/name.
  4. Does EPO have too many repositories to poll ?

    GitHub limits API calls to 5000 per hour per account. EPO output warnings when hitting rate limit:

    =othr= [INFO    ] 92 remaining API calls. Consumed at 2017-02-07 13:50:32+00:00. Reset at 2017-02-07 14:17:43+00:00.
    =othr= [WARNING ] Throttling GitHub API calls by 121s.

    If this is the case, consider splitting EPO in two instances, with a different GitHub account. Dispatch repositories amongst EPO instances.

    You can also disable autocancel to reduce rate limit consumption. This extensions poll previous commits status to find a running build.

  5. Does EPO cache works properly ?

    EPO cache is a file, and only one process can write to it. EPO still works if the cache is locked, but the cache may be outdated.

    =main= [WARNING ] Cache locked, using read-only

    Ensure the cache file is unlocked or your EPO instance has it’s own cache file using EPO_CACHE_PATH env var.

Reading EPO logs¶

EPO tries to provide meaningful log messages and level. When running in systemd unit, EPO output level as syslog token. Otherwise, log level is shown as usual:

$ jenkins-epo list-extensions
=main= [INFO    ] Starting jenkins-epo 1.123.
00 outdated
00 security
02 yaml
05 jenkins-createjobs
10 jenkins-stages
30 autocancel
30 jenkins-autocancel
30 skip
49 jenkins-canceller
50 jenkins-builder
90 help
90 merger
90 report
99 error
=othr= [INFO    ] Done.

The first field, wrapped in = is an asyncio task identifier.

Emitted from synchronous code, out of an async task.
Emitted from an unnamed task.
Emitted from a main worker task.
Commit sha
Emitted from the task processing a head. This is the git sha of the current commit processed.